You know, it’s pretty incredible how fast time can fly by but at the same time appear to move at a crawl.

So if you didn’t already know, Mrs Pahimar and I had our daughter towards the end of July rather unexpectantly. PahiPrincess was five weeks early and we’ve been spending a lot of time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the hospital helping her grow and get strong so we can bring her home. She was born perfectly healthy, we’ve just needed her to stay here to grow a bit more and eat a lot. Thankfully it appears we are rounding the bend and we, barring any setbacks, should be bringing her home later this week/early next. Yay!

This has been the predominant reason why I haven’t been producing a lot of content lately (me spending time taking care of the family). However now with us looking at bringing PahiPrincess home soon I will be able to resume making content again – another Yay!

First up is to get a couple of Lets Mod Reboot episodes out, and to resume work on the Transmutation system for Equivalent Exchange 3. The goal had been to have the Transmutation system done for the end of July so that it could be showcased at PAX Prime in August but things kind of got taken out of our hands. I have (what I hope) are some fun ideas for how to do Transmutation in EE3 so look for more info on that in the future.

Anyways, talk to you all again real soon (I promise!)

Much love,


P.S. A special thank you to all those involved in the servers/etc for the help you have put in for while I was/am away. Your efforts are INCREDIBLY appreciated šŸ™‚ (You know who you are)