The Future Of Let’s Mod

A lot of folks have been asking me lately what’s going on with Let’s Mod, so I figured I should put things up here for everyone to see (since my answers on Twitter seem to get lost or not seen).

Let’s Mod is still going on. The plan is when we have a stable version of MinecraftForge for Minecraft 1.7 we will be rebooting Let’s Mod from the start. There are enough massive changes to Minecraft mod development for MC 1.7 that we need to do this (over 20% of the codebase was changed between MC 1.6 and MC 1.7).

When will we start? I don’t know. MinecraftForge for MC 1.7 is still unstable and going through a lot of development. Once we get a stable and recommended build I will kick off the Let’s Mod reboot šŸ™‚

See you in Minecraft 1.7!