The Future of Let’s Mod Reboot

Just a very quick note to reassure you all about the future of Let’s Mod Reboot!

Since my daughter was born (unexpectedly early) in July, Mrs Pahimar and I have had our lives radically changed. Some things we can keep up with (laundry, groceries, basic hygiene, etc), otherwise get done a little less often, others have to wait for moments when we have free time to handle them.

Let’s Mod Reboot falls into the last category. What most of you may not realize is the time behind the scenes I put in to ensure that the content is correct and that I’m laying it out in a logical way. Best way that I can relate it to something is it’s like a teacher doing prep work before their lessons. It takes on average 2-3x more time to prep the material than it does for me to record/edit it.

Pair that up with my sudden drop in free time, and you get why we haven’t had a new Let’s Mod Reboot video in some time. So, what does that mean for the future?

I’m committed (and Mrs Pah is enforcing this) to complete the series, but I don’t know when the videos for the lessons will be coming out. What WILL be happening though is that I will start doing the lessons as text tutorials on this website, and then do the video for them when I have the chance.

This works for me far better than only doing the videos. I can take the odd 5-10 minutes I have free at a time to jot down some content and eventually have a full lesson for you guys. Then when I have an hour or so to record, I have the lesson already laid out and could even answer some of your questions/etc that you had from the text tutorial.

Anyways, I hope you guys like this change to the series. It kills me that we haven’t finished the series because honestly your fan mail telling me what the series has done for you is really inspiring as a developer/teacher. I want to see you all succeed and so I’m committed to helping you get there.

I don’t know when the next lesson will be posted, but I hope within the next couple of weeks. Until then, I hope you guys continue to enjoy the Crash Landing series with Direwolf20 (as that’s about the only game time I ever get anymore lol).

Much love!


TL-DR; Let’s Mod Reboot coming back as a text tutorial series on