Episode 3 Part 1 – Helpful Tools and Setting Up Your Development Environment

In today’s episode we talk about the required and additional tools you will be using throughout your mod development, with an emphasis on the ones I use.

Do not feel like you HAVE to use all of the additional tools, nor should you feel like you have to use the applications I recommend. I am just recommending the ones I like to use and are most comfortable using 🙂

Remember all you ABSOLUTELY need in order to make mods for Minecraft is just Minecraft, the Java JDK, and the Minecraft Coders Pack.

Here are some links to some of the applications I discussed in this episode;

Episode 2 – Software Licenses and Version Control

Thank you!

First off I wanted to give each and everyone one of you a huge thank you. I did not anticipate the reaction to this series and how overwhelmingly positive it’s been. It’s very encouraging, and I’m so looking forward to seeing where we can take this series.
In this episode

Today we will cover the concepts of software licenses and version control. Do not expect this to be an “expert” explanation on the topics as I’m aiming for more of an informal discussion about key concepts, why they are important, etc. I highly encourage you in your free time to put the effort into reading more about these concepts and expand your own personal knowledge of them.

Topic Change For Next Episode

Figured since I announced it on Twitter/YouTube that I should announce it here as well; episode 2 of my Let’s Mod series will be about Software Licenses and Version Control instead of the original topic, Helpful Tools and How To Set Up Your Development Environment. The reason for the change is that I want to […]