The Future Of Let’s Mod

A lot of folks have been asking me lately what’s going on with Let’s Mod, so I figured I should put things up here for everyone to see (since my answers on Twitter seem to get lost or not seen). Let’s Mod is still going on. The plan is when we have a stable version […]

Regarding updates

Hey all! I wanted to take a few moments while I had a chance to come up for air to talk about the Let’s Mod update schedule. In the beginning of the series I said I had hoped to do three videos a week, with each video being up to 30 minutes in length. Obviously […]

Episode 4 – Dev Environment 2.0

Finally, episode 4! After the release of Minecraft 1.5.* and prep/going to PAX East 2013 I finally get the chance to get this episode out! In this episode I touch on some of the things brought to my attention from episode 3, and I show you a new (and way more improved) method of setting […]