Regarding updates

Hey all! I wanted to take a few moments while I had a chance to come up for air to talk about the Let’s Mod update schedule. In the beginning of the series I said I had hoped to do three videos a week, with each video being up to 30 minutes in length. Obviously this has not been the case. So why is that?

In short, I’m really busy. I’ve addressed it a bit on Twitter and to the folks that pop in to see me on IRC (Hi!), but the issue is having time to record. While the video may take 30 minutes to watch, to actually record it takes far longer. When I approach making a Let’s Mod video, I want to make sure I address as many things as possible related to the topic of the video so that viewer’s get a good representation of different things they could do, or to see as many features of the what we are doing as possible. I don’t want to ONLY show my way of doing things – I want to encourage people to explore and try out new ideas. This is how we get new and exciting mods that push the envelope!

So why don’t I have time to record as often as I had hoped? Minecraft modding and the Let’s Mod series are my hobbies. I do have several other commitments outside of them that I absolutely must meet before I can spend time on them. To list a few there’s;

  • My full time job
  • Planning/doing things for my upcoming wedding (August)
  • Being involved in a fitness competition (we’re in the gym six days a week)
  • Various housework/repairs/improvements
  • Social time with Mrs Pah

That’s a little bit of a peak at my normal day to day activities. Then there are the things I’m working on as my hobbies. Namely there is Equivalent Exchange 3 development work, the Let’s Mod series, and administrating the ForgeCraft server and community. I have to juggle my time between those three, and honestly lately I’ve been trying to spend a lot of time working on EE3. We recently passed the one year mark of my taking over updating EE2, and I believe just a few days ago we marked the one year anniversary of me starting development on EE3. If you follow the project on GitHub, you’ll see that lately I’ve been doing a lot of work on the new DynEMC system. I’m striving hard for a full featured pre2 release, and so I’m spending the majority of my time there. Sadly, Let’s Mod suffers from that. The catch-22 is that if I were to spend more time on Let’s Mod, people would be frustrated at the lack of EE3 development work. This is my dilemma; balancing my passion for making what I hope to be a really cool mod with my passion for teaching other folks how to make mods and to be (hopefully) better programmers/developers.

This might be a bit “rambley” to read, and for that I apologize, but I felt I needed to clear the air in a more public way as to what’s going on. In short, the Let’s Mod tutorial series is still very going on as it is a very important project of mine that I don’t want to see die out. However, the majority of my time in the coming weeks will be spent working on a pre2 release of EE3. Hopefully that doesn’t take very long to do (everything should snowball quickly after EE3 is done), but time will tell how it turns out πŸ™‚ I will try my hardest to get a few Let’s Mod videos out during that time as well, but honestly I can’t make promises on that.

What I can say though is that if you have modding questions, please come visit me in IRC in #minecraftforge on I’m lurking there the majority of the time and can answer most questions.

I’m sorry that I can’t put more time into these projects, but real life is always going to win over hobbies πŸ™‚ I hope you all stick around though to see the fruits of my labours on them though!

Until next time, taaaaaaaaaaake it easy!