Quick Update

Just a quick update for you all since I’ve been so busy lately 🙂

Agrarian Skies series with Direwolf20

I’m *really* happy to see how much you all are enjoying the series so far. This map is a SERIOUSLY addicting thing, and you all should try it for something different 🙂

Let’s Mod

So I had hoped to start recording these last Saturday (April 12th) however Mrs Pah ended up getting sick on Saturday and I spent the weekend taking care of her. Plan is to start recording these on Thursday evening, with the first video in the series coming out over the weekend. Check out the Let’s Mod tutorial page to see the topics.

Equivalent Exchange 3 Development

I have admittedly been playing a lot of Agrarian Skies in my off time, when I should be putting more effort into the EE3 update to MC 1.7. What is exciting though is I’m getting new ideas for things (even as recently as last night when falling asleep). Look for a burst of activity shortly on the GitHub repo. It’s kind of incredible how playing the game again can so reinvigorate you to develop more.


Believe me, Mrs Pah won’t let me forget this one. I still have three dance videos to put up. Once again we were going to record these last weekend, but Mrs Pah getting sick kinda hurt that one. Trying to record these either tonight or tomorrow night *GULP*.

Patreon Rewards

So I still have a list of folks I need to meet with, as well as getting the files site up and running for patrons. Hoping to address both of these in the VERY near future 🙂

Well, that’s it for right now. Talk again soon (I hope!). Much love <3