Pre2 Development Continues!

I wanted to reassure all of you out there that may be wondering with the Let’s Mod series what has become of EE3 development.

Well, it’s still ongoing! Lately I’ve been working more on the Calcinator again (the thing that will give you dusts), the new transmutation mechanics, and how to get Red Water. I also started working on the new Wiki for EE3, which I will publish when it’s ready.

I still don’t have a release date for pre2, but I can confirm things you can expect in it;

  • Alchemical Bags
  • Alchemical Chests
  • Red Water
  • Divining Rods
  • New method to obtain the Minium Stone
  • Method to obtain the Philosopher’s Stone
  • Early version of the new Transmutation System

Stay tuned for more new information, and if you are really curious be sure to follow the project on GitHub.