Hello world!

Hello everyone and welcome to my new website, pahimar.com!

I’ve been working on it a fair bit in the past couple of weeks, trying to get it to look decent and as compatible with different browsers/platforms as possible – we’ll see how that ended up.

So what’s the point? Well now I have a central location where I can update you on the things I am working on! I will be posting Equivalent Exchange 3 related news here, my Let’s Mod Youtube series will also get posted here, and you will be able to find Downloads to all of the stuff I publish (including Archives…man that took a long time to lay out….).

So anyways, I hope you like the site and I can’t wait to start sticking new content on it! As a matter of fact…. I think one or two videos of the new Let’s Mod series will be going up later tonight 😉