Frequently Asked Questions

Equivalent Exchange 2 (top)

Q: Are you going to update Equivalent Exchange 2 anymore?
A: No, Equivalent Exchange 2 will no longer be updated. All development work is focused on Equivalent Exchange 3 now.

Q: Can I/someone else update Equivalent Exchange 2?
A: No.

Q: But what if I/we give you credit for it?
A: The answer is still no. x3n0ph0b3 (the original author and to whom EE2 belongs) and I are of the shared opinion that EE3 will be superior to EE2, and so if you would like to help out please consider contributing to the EE3 project.

Q: Can you release the source code for EE2 publicly?
A: No, Equivalent Exchange 2 is a closed source mod and the property of x3n0ph0b3. I cannot change the license for the mod (since its not my mod), and x3n0ph0b3 is not willing to change it either.

Q: Can you give me a copy of the EE2 source code privately? I won’t share it with anyone!
A: No, for the same answer above. EE2 is a closed source mod and I cannot give anyone the source code for it.

Q: Can I include Equivalent Exchange 2 in my modpack?
A: As long as you;

  1. Do not profit from the modpack, and
  2. Do not modify the source of the mod (EE2)

Q: How can I add my own EMC values for my other mod items? Is there a config file or something I need to update?
A: We don’t have something like this in right now, but it is something I’m working on in my larger rewrite of the mod. In the meantime pwnedgod has updated his CustomEMC addon for EE2. You can find it here;

Equivalent Exchange 3 (top)

Q: Will EE3 add any sort of worldgen?
A: No.

Q: How can I add my own EMC values for my other mod items? Is there a config file or something I need to update?
A: EMC has not been implemented yet in EE3, look for it in the future.

Q: Can I use this mod in my modpack?
A: Since Equivalent Exchange 3 is an open source mod released under the LGPL v3, that means you have the right to include this mod in your modpack (regardless of who you are).

Q: I’d think this new feature would be awesome! You should add it!
A: By all means tell me about it! Either leave a message on IRC, Twitter, or post something in the EE3 GitHub.

Q: Are you adding anything new?
A: Lots! Look for updates as new items are added. However if I haven’t talked about it yet, then it’s not ready to talk about.

Q: How can I help?
A: Feel free to submit features/fixes to the mod via the repo on GitHub. I’m also always looking for talented sprite artists to help me (I am no artist!); feel free to submit me your artwork via GitHub as well.

Modding (top)

Q: How did you learn to mod?
A: I learned from a lot of talent folks, and I’m still learning more every day. I also followed some tutorials I found online (see the About Me page for more)

Q: Would you be able to help me learn how to mod?
A: I don’t have a lot of time to help, so individual tutoring/etc is out of the question. I do idle in the #minecraftforge channel on a fair bit and I’ll occasionally answer questions I see in there. However, I am doing a Let’s Mod series of videos on YouTube to teach people how to do common things in Minecraft modding.

Q: How often will you be releasing these tutorial videos? How long will they be?
A: I hope to release 3 videos a week, and each video would be no longer than 30 minutes in length.

Q: I have this great idea, and I just need some help in writing the code for it. Can you help me with my mod?
A: I’m sorry, but I really don’t have the time to help everyone with their mod ideas; I barely have time for my own! I would suggest hanging out in channels on IRC that modders frequent (#minecraftforge and #mcp-modding on are two good ones) and ask the questions you have for specific problems you are facing in your mod. DO NOT expect others to just pick up your mod idea and code it for you; that’s really quite rude in my opinion.

Q: What do I need to know in order to make a mod for Minecraft?
A: You need to at least be somewhat familiar with Java (the language Minecraft is written in). By familiar, I mean you should be able to figure out simple troubleshooting, an understanding of Object Oriented Programming, classes, etc. You don’t need to be an expert, but it helps! For tools, you definitely need the Minecraft Coder Pack but otherwise you can use something basic like a text editor, or something more advanced like a programming IDE such as Eclipse, to modify the code.

ForgeCraft (top)

Q: What is ForgeCraft?
A: ForgeCraft is a development server where several Forge mod developers play together to test alpha/beta versions of their mods and to collaborate on new ideas/features. We’ve had the server in some form or another for about a year now, and it’s been very successful.

Q: What kind of server is ForgeCraft? What are the specs?
A: We host ForgeCraft on a dedicated server. You can find a list of the technical specs for it here.

Q: ForgeCraft looks like so much fun! Can I come play with you guys?
A: No. ForgeCraft is a private server and we are not accepting applications for new people to join the server.

Q: But I’m a HUGE fan of <YouTuber|Streamer|Modder>! Pretty please?
A: The answer is still no.

Q: Can I donate to get on the server?
A: No. While donations are very appreciated, they are not a way to get on to the server.

Q: What is the seed you are using on the server?
A: ForgeCraft 1: JammyCrumpets
, ForgeCraft 2: Way to go Tahg, that seed sucked.

Q: Can you post world downloads for us to download and play along?
A: Technically this wouldn’t be very feasible, so no. The combined size of our various worlds is on the order of gigabytes. We simply can’t host that much data for folks to download.

Q: Can I/we have a copy of the mods on ForgeCraft? I/we promise not to share them!
A: There are mods that are on ForgeCraft that are in some form of alpha/beta stage of development and not available for general release, and for that reason we cannot do a “ForgeCraft” modpack. Even if you promise not to share, we will not be giving out collections of the mods that we have on the server.

Q: What mods are currently on ForgeCraft?
A: The list changes so often it would be a part time job for me to maintain it. If you want to play something similar to what we are playing, the Feed The Beast pack would cover the majority of it.

Q: What is that server backup thing I keep seeing? Is that a mod? Can we have a copy of that?
A: The server backup is actually not a mod; it is the UNIX script we use to manage the server (start, stop, backup, etc). You can see what we use here, but be warned, we provide no warranty or support for it. If you can’t understand it, or if you break your own server using it, you will get no help from us. We are posting it only so you can see how we do it.

Q: Who do you recommend we use for our own server hosting?
A: I do not have a preference for any specific Minecraft server hosting company.