ChitChat 1.0.0

While Mrs Pah and I were coming home from MINECON 2013 (is it still required to say it all in caps still?), we were chatting about the weekend. One of things that really stood out to us was the number of small children and families that play Minecraft together. I guess in playing and making mods, I’ve gotten used to an older crowd. I realized that there weren’t many Forge mods out there that offered features for parents of small kids to help protect them while they are making their first forays into online multiplayer play, and decided there on the spot (well, the free way) to make something for them.

Enter ChitChat.

ChitChat is an opensource Forge ModLoader chat mod, designed to have varying levels of profanity filtering for players. It runs on both clients and servers, but it’s not required on either. This means you can use it on your own computer and connect to a Minecraft server that does not have it running, and you will still be protected from seeing bad words. Likewise you can run it on a server, and anyone that plays on the server will be protected from seeing bad words while not having to have the mod installed themselves.

My hope is that it really helps parents encourage their kids to play games online for the first time, and still feel reasonably safe that their children won’t be bombarded with some of the nastier elements of the online community.

With ChitChat 1.0.0 we have the very first public beta build of the mod (and the first time I’ve exposed the source for the mod). Its released under the GPLv3 license, and still has some features I need to implement. What’s coming in the very near future is in game commands for fine tune control over the mod, and support for an external file of bad words that people want filtered out.

I’m open to feedback (and crash reports) on my Twitter account (@Pahimar). Expect a few more builds this week (probably later today/tonight). You can find it on the Downloads link above, or on CurseForge.