The Future of Let’s Mod Reboot

Just a very quick note to reassure you all about the future of Let’s Mod Reboot!

Since my daughter was born (unexpectedly early) in July, Mrs Pahimar and I have had our lives radically changed. Some things we can keep up with (laundry, groceries, basic hygiene, etc), otherwise get done a little less often, others have to wait for moments when we have free time to handle them.

Let’s Mod Reboot falls into the last category. What most of you may not realize is the time behind the scenes I put in to ensure that the content is correct and that I’m laying it out in a logical way. Best way that I can relate it to something is it’s like a teacher doing prep work before their lessons. It takes on average 2-3x more time to prep the material than it does for me to record/edit it.

Pair that up with my sudden drop in free time, and you get why we haven’t had a new Let’s Mod Reboot video in some time. So, what does that mean for the future?

I’m committed (and Mrs Pah is enforcing this) to complete the series, but I don’t know when the videos for the lessons will be coming out. What WILL be happening though is that I will start doing the lessons as text tutorials on this website, and then do the video for them when I have the chance.

This works for me far better than only doing the videos. I can take the odd 5-10 minutes I have free at a time to jot down some content and eventually have a full lesson for you guys. Then when I have an hour or so to record, I have the lesson already laid out and could even answer some of your questions/etc that you had from the text tutorial.

Anyways, I hope you guys like this change to the series. It kills me that we haven’t finished the series because honestly your fan mail telling me what the series has done for you is really inspiring as a developer/teacher. I want to see you all succeed and so I’m committed to helping you get there.

I don’t know when the next lesson will be posted, but I hope within the next couple of weeks. Until then, I hope you guys continue to enjoy the Crash Landing series with Direwolf20 (as that’s about the only game time I ever get anymore lol).

Much love!


TL-DR; Let’s Mod Reboot coming back as a text tutorial series on


You know, it’s pretty incredible how fast time can fly by but at the same time appear to move at a crawl.

So if you didn’t already know, Mrs Pahimar and I had our daughter towards the end of July rather unexpectantly. PahiPrincess was five weeks early and we’ve been spending a lot of time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the hospital helping her grow and get strong so we can bring her home. She was born perfectly healthy, we’ve just needed her to stay here to grow a bit more and eat a lot. Thankfully it appears we are rounding the bend and we, barring any setbacks, should be bringing her home later this week/early next. Yay!

This has been the predominant reason why I haven’t been producing a lot of content lately (me spending time taking care of the family). However now with us looking at bringing PahiPrincess home soon I will be able to resume making content again – another Yay!

First up is to get a couple of Lets Mod Reboot episodes out, and to resume work on the Transmutation system for Equivalent Exchange 3. The goal had been to have the Transmutation system done for the end of July so that it could be showcased at PAX Prime in August but things kind of got taken out of our hands. I have (what I hope) are some fun ideas for how to do Transmutation in EE3 so look for more info on that in the future.

Anyways, talk to you all again real soon (I promise!)

Much love,


P.S. A special thank you to all those involved in the servers/etc for the help you have put in for while I was/am away. Your efforts are INCREDIBLY appreciated :) (You know who you are)


When I first set up my Patreon page, I never expected the response.  At first it was a bit of an experiment to see if I could make more from Patreon than I do from, and if so then I could drop using Safe to say it was enough to blow out of the water and out of the solar system.

With the support of my patrons, Mrs Pah and I have been able to get some wonderful things for our little girl and Mrs Pah may even be able to take more time off work to stay home and spend time with PahiPrincess.

I do not think there are words to express how much this means to us. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

As we get closer to our due date I am realizing more and more how challenging it is for me to find time to do all of my commitments re: Patreon – specifically the one on one times. For MONTHS I’ve struggled with keeping up with my one on one time commitments, and that really bothers me. You guys are generous enough to support me, and I am failing to live up to my end of the bargain. In a short while my time will become even more limited, so I have to make the decision to reduce my time commitments.

I’m sad to say that after this month’s Patreon period I will no longer be offering additional one on one time sessions, outside of those that I am already committed to.

Let me be clear; if you have existing time with me that we still need to complete you will NOT lose it. We will still do the sessions. If you are pledged for sessions this month we will still do them, but come July’s Patreon period I won’t be offering more time. It would be a disservice to you to continue to offer you something that I know I won’t be able to fulfill.

I’m sad to be doing this because I love our one on one time – I get to know you guys and you get to know me, and we have a lot of fun! I’ve met some great new friends through this sessions. I will still be doing the Patroen hangouts though (having the new server makes it really fun!), so no need to worry about that.

Unless I come up with new rewards for the top two tiers of pledging I will likely remove those tiers and top out rewards at the $10 tier, but I am open to suggestions. I just want to make sure you guys are properly rewarded for the support you give me.

Anyways, please please let me know your thoughts on this.

Much love,


Quick Update

Just a quick update for you all since I’ve been so busy lately :)

Agrarian Skies series with Direwolf20

I’m *really* happy to see how much you all are enjoying the series so far. This map is a SERIOUSLY addicting thing, and you all should try it for something different :)

Let’s Mod

So I had hoped to start recording these last Saturday (April 12th) however Mrs Pah ended up getting sick on Saturday and I spent the weekend taking care of her. Plan is to start recording these on Thursday evening, with the first video in the series coming out over the weekend. Check out the Let’s Mod tutorial page to see the topics.

Equivalent Exchange 3 Development

I have admittedly been playing a lot of Agrarian Skies in my off time, when I should be putting more effort into the EE3 update to MC 1.7. What is exciting though is I’m getting new ideas for things (even as recently as last night when falling asleep). Look for a burst of activity shortly on the GitHub repo. It’s kind of incredible how playing the game again can so reinvigorate you to develop more.


Believe me, Mrs Pah won’t let me forget this one. I still have three dance videos to put up. Once again we were going to record these last weekend, but Mrs Pah getting sick kinda hurt that one. Trying to record these either tonight or tomorrow night *GULP*.

Patreon Rewards

So I still have a list of folks I need to meet with, as well as getting the files site up and running for patrons. Hoping to address both of these in the VERY near future :)

Well, that’s it for right now. Talk again soon (I hope!). Much love <3


Regarding Donations

Hey all!

Just a quick note to say that I’ve changed my donation policy :) From now on if you guys really enjoy what I do and would like to donate I’d like you to instead donate to one of the many worthwhile charities out there. Pick one that’s important to you, or if you are looking for suggestions the ones I like are;

These organizations are doing excellent work, and I’m sure they would love and greatly appreciate your support.

Much love!